KINETIC CONTROL I Module – Shoulder and Neck, Sport Med Lab on 17-18 of April, 2021

Organised by Sport Med Lab Team in Romania, this course allows clinicians to deliver highly specific, individualised movement retraining to successfully manage each patient’s pain, pathology and compromised function of the neck and shoulder.

It supports all clinicians’ desired outcomes for their patients through the identification and management of the movement impairment associated to their current neck and shoulder issue.

This course presents a clinical applicable model, connecting pain, pathology and compromised function to any individual patient’s neck and shoulder impairment.

It supplies the skill set and tools to highlight and address the mechanisms associated to the movement impairment influencing the patients.

This Kinetic Control course provides clinicians with a systematised framework to manage the complexities of pain and dysfunction of the neck and shoulder.

The Course Schedule is published below, before advising and registration begin for each module/session and the link allows you to view all the schedule options that works best for you. Or simply, you can just send us an e-mail at:, and we’ll get back at you with all the details.

Organiser: Sport Med Lab Team