10 Great Advices for Sports from Vicky Volonaki

10 Great Advices for Sports from Vicky Volonaki

Sometimes is good to approach with simplicity what you cannot control. For sure everything that we are doing during these auto isolation times will matter later, after all, we are the sum of our daily habits. So, we better built up some simple, yet highly-effective habits during this lockdown, or at least, maintain the good habits that we’ve created before all this even started in the first place.

Basketball Coach Vicky Volonaki, a close friend of Sport Med Lab Team, sent us 10 great advices to share with our Sports Community. Advices that are written from both professional and personal experience over the years of great achievement, with ups and downs. Advices that are so useful for all of us, sport addicted persons, especially that soon we will be starting again our training.

1). Be in shape before your season-conditioning will be less painful.

2). Play other sports and activities – don’t just focus on one sport.

3). Avoid doing the same activities with same muscle groups- this causes overuse injuries.

4). Stretch and warm up before practice and game.

5). Eat well and keep well hydrated.

6). Have fun

7). Be a good teammate.

8). Don’t be too hard on yourself.

9). Do well in school and keep perspective.

10). Be coachable.

Author: Vicky Volonaki, Basketball Coach

4 x ChampionshipNAIA Women’s Basketball Championships (Division II)